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Duckmoor Road Tower Blocks Bristol

The tower blocks on Duckmoor Road, Ashton Gate in Bristol, are famous for scenes filmed on the very popular BBC programme, 'Only Fools And Horses', as the home residents of the Trotters family. The site has three main tower blocks directly behind Ashton Gate stadium, home of Bristol City Football Club and Bristol Rugby, located in the south-west of the city, just south of the River Avon.

"The tower block is famous for being the Trotters family
residents on the BBC programme, 'Only Fools And Horses'.“

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Penarth Pier

The pier has a fascinating history and a diverse one at that. Penarth pier opened in April 1895, and drew hundreds of visitors, many of whom arrived there by paddle steamer. The 1929 art deco design has given the pier a distinctive appearance and drew much interest when opened in 1930. The venue was used for traditional seaside entertainment, as well as a concert hall. During the years it has also been used as a cinema, dance hall (Marina ballroom), and nightclub. During the 60s it was used as a restaurant and snooker club and more recently, a district gymnastics club.

"Betonbauen are proud to have been chosen, along with
other local companies, to work on the Penarth Pier project.“

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Lysaght Institute

Betonbauen work includes grit blasting with sand and general concrete repairs.

The ‘Stute’ was an important part of community life  for many years and it is our intention to create a ‘New Lysaght Institute’ that will incorporate its illustrious past and provide a community hub for the future.

"Passers by will have noticed the new roof replacement and the
sandblasting of the the iconic ‘W R Lysaght Institute’ stonework.“

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The Promenade Aberystwyth

The reconstruction of the Bandstand at The Promenade, Aberystwyth, is a challenging project due to the structure location being exposed to a hostile environment, immediately adjacent to the sea and considering the age of the 70 year old building.

An approved testing house/chartered engineer carry out an independent survey with the results evaluated and checked against the final specification prior to the tender being let. The survey confirmed the reinforced concrete construction spalling of defective concrete resulting from carbonation of the concrete and possible moisture penetration.

"The job is a challenging project due to the structure
location being exposed to a hostile environment.“

Removal of concrete by mechanical means, high pressure washing with clean water or grit blasting, avoiding entrapment of air, involved cleaning to remove any dust, unsound material, plaster all by blowing with oil-free clean compressed air, oil, paint, grease, corrosion deposits and organic growth taking extra care that no reinforcing steel or other embedded items such as conduits or lifting sockets are loosened, damaged or removed.

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