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  • SurfacePreparation


    Concrete coatings using epoxy
    resin and rapid-curing
    polyaspartic coatings.

  • MansonryStabilisation


    Our team surveys
    determined the best
    course of action.

  • Chemical Specialists

    Chemical Specialists

    Betonbauen is a distributor
    of construction chemicals
    in the UK. We supply products
    to the "wet trades".

  • StructuralGrouting


    Structural grouting
    are use to provide
    stability and strength
    to building structures.

  • StructuralWaterproofing


    Tower blocks, tunnels,
    bridges, carparks, offices
    and homes.

  • Concrete Repair

    Concrete Repair

    Betonbauen have an excellent
    reputation and are UK leaders
    in concrete repair.

  • PrecastSpecialist Fitters

    Specialist Fitters

    A full design service
    for all your precast
    production and a
    fitting service.

  • Leak Sealing AndResin Injection

    Leak Sealing And
    Resin Injection

    We determine the precise
    nature and reason and
    provide the remedies.

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Betonbauen supply teams of professionals who have a track record of experience and hard work. Our knowledge of concrete structural repair is second to none. We look forward to taking to you about your next project so please do get in touch.

Our work:

  • Construction Industry

    Concrete repair and concrete spraying to building elevation. Degraded concrete removal and steel rods exposure for chemical treatment before concrete spraying and final concrete levelling finish.

  • Pier concrete repair

    Inspection by sea of concrete pillars along the length of the pier to assess salt water erosion and corrosive damage to structure. Client: Sem Logistics

  • Manhole and pipe work

    Short video showing water ingress inspection coming from broken concrete manhole seals and underground concrete pipes. Betonbauen professional team seal the leaks and repair the concrete damage within confined spaces. We can provide this service for rainwater drainage and drinking water pipe installations.

  • Laying Bentonite

    Bentonite waterproofing protection for civil engineering and the construction industry. The sealant provides a self-sealing, low-permeability barrier for foundations and landfills.

  • Water plugging is generally done with polyurethane grouting. Polyurethane grouting is used for filling water flow paths along concrete pipes. Chemical grouting is used to solidify soils around the location of the water source. Drilling holes through the wall of the pipe and injecting polyurethane grout so it then expands to fill the void can be worked to stop water penetration and forms a seal.

We have over 50 years experience in the specialist application market, both in the UK and Overseas.
Avonmouth tower blocks
Our close links to the M4 motorway allow us to respond quickly to ongoing projects, inspections and emergency work throughout the UK.
Pontypridd bridge crossing
We work for schools and colleges, hospitals, offices, car parks, housing associations, local authorities, military establishments and listed buildings.
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We are specialist in concrete repairs
for drinkwater tanks.

The waterproofing of basements and cellars is otherwise known as basement tanking or structural waterproofing which involves installing a completely waterproof membrane over a masonry surface to prevent water from entering to give full protection.

burry port concrete lining
Ongoing projects


Surveys and report services. Call our
friendly office staff for advice.

We come highly recommended and look forward to helping you find a lasting solution. We work to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards and use BBA certified materials. We are members of CHAS, Constructionline and the Concrete Society so quality is assured.

burry port tank lining
Tank lining


A fast and reliable professional
team at your service.

We are UK leading specialists in confined space working, concrete repair, waterproofing and grouting, surface preparation, masonry stabilisation, leak sealing, crack injection and precast production specialists for commercial properties.

Concrete spraying
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